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So, Watch Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Online arrived on the scene in theatres on June 8th. Have of yourself guys seen it yet? What'd you think?

I did kind of ignored Madagascar. Hubby i watched it on DVD before G-Girl came to be. That it was cute and amusing, using the penguins being the highlight on the film. We watched it, enjoyed it, after which completely forgot over it. Movie second slipped by without our even noticing it.

Watch Madagascar 3 Online The good news is... now Madagascar 3: Europe's Popular is going, and today We have two bedroom. Two area who love penguins, and talking animals. Needless to say my children are going to be watching Madagascar 3; it seems like inevitable.

Kinder has partnered with Dreamworks to present special Kinder Surprise three packs featuring Madagascar 3 toys. My children haven't even seen the film yet and they went completely gaga within the toys, insisting I purchase the "special Kinder box" again soon.

Watch Madagascar 3 Online Two thirds eggs in each specially marked Kinder box contains certainly one of fourteen original Madagascar 3 toys. In Europe's Popular the quirky Madagascar animal crew enroll in a travelling circus. So to tie in while using film, Kinder has established a couple of nine special toys that together form a circus-themed train.

Watch Madagascar 3 Online There was additionally a Madagascar themed "gadget" style toy inside box, nevertheless for us the train toy was the star on the show. My daughters love their Alex the Lion train piece. Provided that Kinder eggs can be a regular treat around these parts, I'm inclined to ensure that we pick the special three egg Madagascar sets next occasion. The Madagascar circus train Kinder toys are really darn cute, I'd like to collect all nine and create a complete train.

I will be left wondering if Cineplex sells Kinder eggs at their concession stand. I know it's really a no-no, but sneaking a themed three pack into see Madagascar 3 is really a tempting thought, no?